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Before you go carpet shopping for your home, you should be aware of some of the different types of carpeting you may encounter.  Today we will be giving you a quick rundown of some of the more common types of carpeting available.

Here are the types of carpet you will generally have to choose from:

  • Shag – Shag carpet, also known as Textured Saxony, has a relaxed appearance.  Its textured surface helps to hide footprints, making it popular for families.
  • Saxony – Saxony is typically used in formal rooms.  It is smooth and has a cut-pile surface.
  • Frieze – Frieze is extremely durable, making it a good choice for heavy traffic areas.  It has a heavy textured, almost knobby appearance.
  • Velvet – Velvet type carpet has a very fine sheared surface.  It is mainly used in very formal rooms and requires quite a bit of upkeep (footprints show up well).
  • Cut and Loop – Also known as random sheared, cut and loop is very distinctive.  It has cuts and loops of different sizes, which help to hide traffic signs and stains.
  • Level Loop – Level loop carpet is made of loops which are all on the same level.  It has a casual appearance.
  • Multi Level Loop – This is also made of loops, but they are on multiple levels.
  • Cable – Cable carpet is made of thick, twisted yarns.  Cable is very soft and thick, and is a good choice for family rooms.

Of course, the right carpet choice will also depend on color, carpeting material, and so on.  Use the list above as a guide for your carpet search, and you can cut down the time and stress spent looking for the perfect carpet for your home.

Outer Banks Custom Flooring has the right carpet for your home.  We offer an endless variety of styles to choose from and will certainly have something to suit your needs and desires.

Outer Banks Custom Flooring has been serving OBX for decades and has the experience and skill to meet all of your flooring needs.  Let us help you find the perfect carpeting for your new Nags Head luxury home!

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