The Advantages of Carpet in Your Cape Hatteras Home

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Carpet is an excellent choice for any home.  Harwood, tile, and other flooring options offer some advantages, but carpeting offers benefits that cannot be provided by those other options.

Here are some the advantages that carpeting has to offer:

  • Warmth – Carpet helps make your floors warm.  The weave in your carpet can trap warm air, creating a layer of warmth underfoot, and the thick fabric of carpet provides excellent insulation for any room.  A warm floor provides comfort for your children, your pets, and for you.
  • Soft – Carpet is the safest flooring option available.  The soft, padded nature of carpet reduces damage from falling, and the texture of carpeting makes slipping and sliding virtually impossible.  The softness of carpeting also eliminates the strain on knees and ankles that can be associated with harder flooring options.
  • Quiet – Carpeting helps to reduce noise in your home.  The sounds made by people walking along floors are greatly reduced, and carpeting also provides acoustic insulation to help keep sounds from travelling between different floors of your home.
  • Style – Carpet is available in a wide variety of types and colors.  Take a look at this previous article for some of the many types of carpet available.
  • Low Cost – Carpeting usually costs less than other flooring options.  While this may not be a great concern when redecorating one room, it can save quite a bit of money when you are dealing with multiple rooms.

The advantages of carpeting make it an excellent choice for families with children, multiple room renovations, and households on a budget.  If you are unsure if carpeting is the best option for you, just ask your local flooring professionals.

Outer Banks Custom Flooring is the only choice for carpet in Hatteras.  We have many styles and colors to choose from and will have your new carpet laid perfectly in no time at all.

Outer Banks Custom Flooring has been serving OBX for decades and has the experience and skill to meet all of your flooring needs.

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