Why Carpet Is Always A Good Option

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Stainmaster Carpet Outer BanksCarpet Flooring For The Outer Banks

If you’ve ever walked across a cold floor, or seen a baby fall while learning to walk, then you probably have a good idea why carpet is the most common flooring system. Carpet is a practical and comfortable floor choice and covers more than half of all floors in the country.

Carpet comes in many different colors and depths, from cut pile (the most common), to velvet plush (the most luxurious) and a whole host of in-betweens. At CK Custom Kitchens, the professionals behind Outer Banks Custom Flooring, we offer any type of carpet you could want and probably a few you’ve never heard of.

Here’s a few of the unique benefits that carpeting adds to your home:

  • Warmth and Comfort – No one wants to walk barefoot across a cold unyielding floor. Carpet is perfect for areas that people spend time in, such as bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Insulation – Carpet is yet another level of insulation, helping rooms retain there temperature, and increasing your homes energy rating.
  • Safety– Carpet is never slippery, and even if someone does take a fall, carpet has a cushioning effect that is absent from hard floors.
  • Easy Care – Modern manufacturing techniques and advances in stain resistance have made cleaning up spills and debris from a carpet easier than ever.
  • Cost – Carpet is frequently available at prices far lower than hardwood flooring or any other flooring option for that matter. Even installation costs are typically cheaper.
  • Durability – Carpets these days are incredibly durable and will last as long as many other types of flooring.

At our showroom in Southern Shores across from the Home Depot, CK Custom Kitchens has hundreds of different carpet selections for you to choose from. We also offer professional installation by our highly trained flooring specialists.

If you are thinking of installing carpet flooring in your new home or renovation, fill out the contact form and let one of our professional sales staff make an appointment to talk with you. And as a bonus for filling the form out, we’ll waive the design fee, a $200 savings! With our 3D modeling design software, we can show you what your room will look like with new carpet. Now you’ll know what it looks like before you even buy it!

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the contact form now, and let’s get your home carpeted!

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