Environmentally Friendly Floors in OBX with Green Flooring

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Every year Americans become more conscious of how our choices affect the environment.  Green choices abound in almost every area of our daily lives.  Outer Banks Custom Flooring would like to introduce you to some of the Eco-Friendly Flooring options from Shaw.

Shaw is mostly known for its carpets, but also produces hardwood and laminate flooring.  All of these choices are available in environmentally friendly options:

  • Hardwood Flooring
    • Epic Hardwood – Epic Hardwood flooring uses 50% less newly harvested wood than other types of hardwood flooring of the same thickness.  It achieves this by using wood by-products in its core, plus the veneer comes from managed forests.
    • Anderson Hardwood – Anderson has long been environmentally conscious and has recently introduced Grand Canyon Flooring, made from 100% wood by-products.
  • Carpeting
    • Eco Made – Eco Made Rugs are 100% recyclable.  In fact, when you replace your Eco Made Rug, you can ship it to Shaw’s dedicated recycling center, postage paid.
    • Type 6 Nylon – Type 6 Nylon is the only residential carpet fiber capable of being endlessly recycled repeatedly into new carpet fiber.  Carpets with Type 6 Nylon are recycled at Shaw’s Evergreen Nylon recycling facility.  Type 6 Nylon is used in the following Shaw products:
      • Anso Carpets – The famous Shaw carpeting
      • Eco Solution Q – For commercial carpeting
      • EverTouch
    • EcoWorx Tile – EcoWorx Tile is the industry’s first sustainable, non-PVC tile backing system.  EcoWorx is more durable than PVC backing and weighs 40% less.  It also has been awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, the only carpet product to ever receive the award.
  • Shaw LaminateThe use of laminate flooring preserves natural resources, and since Shaw laminates have a long lifespan, they require minimal replacement.

Call Outer Banks Custom Flooring today to discuss your flooring needs.  Outer Banks Custom Flooring is your choice for environmentally friendly flooring on the Outer Banks.

Don’t forget to go green with your summertime party schedule.  A set of custom cornhole boards made from all natural, renewable materials are a great way to celebrate the season in an environmentally friendly way.

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