Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

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You finally have the hardwood floor you always dreamed about, but how do you go about cleaning it?  Are there any special maintenance requirements? Here are the answers to your questions.

Hardwood floors do have some special requirements and restrictions, but they are very simple and are certainly not difficult.  Maintaining a hardwood floor is just as easy, if not easier, than caring for any other kind of floor.

Here are the basics:

  • Make sure floor protection pads are properly fitted under all furniture legs.  This will help avoid scratches to the floors finish.  Replace the pads as they wear out.
  • Dust mop or sweep your hardwood floors often.  Walking on a dirty hardwood floor will grind that dirt into the surface and mar the finish.
  • Very important for the Outer Banks – Keep mats at all entrances to your home.  Welcome mats absorb much of the sand and dirt that is brought in to your home on shoes.  It is much better to leave that grit on a floor mat than on your hardwood.
  • Place area rugs on high traffic spots on hardwood floors.  The kitchen sink and refrigerator are two prime spots for area rugs (you can certainly remove these rugs when entertaining).
  • Avoid wearing cleats and high heeled shoes on hardwood.  If you must wear high heels, make sure the heels are not damaged.
  • Wipe up any food or liquid spills immediately
  • Do not wet mop your hardwood floors.
  • Use a hardwood floor cleaner designed for your floor’s finish (wax, water urethane, oil urethane, varnish, acrylic, etc.) and follow the directions closely.  You can find the type of finish on your hardwood floor by calling company that installed your floor.

As you can see, caring for a hardwood floor is no more difficult than caring for your old floor.  The only difference is the use of special cleaners which can be found at your local hardware store.

Outer Banks Custom Flooring has been meeting your flooring needs for 46 years.  We can install your hardwood floor and teach you how to maintain it.

Call Outer Banks Custom Flooring today to discuss your ideas for a new floor.  Don’t forget to check back here regularly for more flooring tips!

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