Mohawk Hardwood Flooring in Your Beautiful Home

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So you’re looking for hardwood flooring? You’ve come to the right place.  CK Custom Kitchens has a wide variety of wood flooring to choose from in their Mohawk products! With a basic understanding about the many types of hardwood floors you can be more confident in your selection and CK can happily help. An interesting fact about wood floors is that they are produced in both solid and engineered strips.

Wood Flooring Choices

  • custom flooring outer banksSolid Wood: This type of flooring is one solid piece of wood. Mohawk floors are produced from the finest domestic (and exotic) wood including red & white oak, hickory, maple, American cherry, and Brazilian cherry, and are available in different widths. Solid hardwood floors are more susceptible to temperature changes and humidity compared to engineered wood floors so they should only be installed on the second floor over approved wooden subfloors. It is also for them to be nailed or stapled down. Solid wood floors can generally be recoated and refinished several times.
  • custom flooring outer banksEngineered Wood: This type of floor is produced by laminating several hardwood plies together to form the plank. For the most part, engineered floors can be glued-down or stapled-down. They can also be floated over a variety of subfloors including wood, dry concrete slabs and even some types of existing flooring. Engineered hardwood floors have cross-ply construction, which reduces the effects of humidity and allows these floors to be installed anywhere in the home.

custom flooring outer banksDifferences Between Solid and Engineered

It is important to know where the wood floors will be installed. Before choosing the type of floor, determine if the room is above, on or below ground level. Mohawk Engineered Hardwood Floors can be used in most areas in the home including the basement level. Solid wood floors should only be used for above ground-level installations because they are better in humidity-controlled environments.

Have any Questions?

If you need any help in choosing you Mohawk hardwood flooring, come to the best custom flooring company on the Outer Banks.  CK Custom Kitchens are experts in the field of custom flooring and they’ll give you all the information you need to make your perfect home.

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