Benefits Of Choosing Laminate

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Laminate Flooring For The Outer Banks

Laminate Flooring has rapidly become one of the most popular flooring options since its debut on the market around ten years ago. Laminate is a superb choice for those who like the look of hardwood flooring, but don’t necessarily want to spend as much. Laminate is available in all the same varieties as hardwood flooring. You get all the beauty of real wood, at a lower price than the real thing!

Laminate flooring comes in a dazzling variety of woods, finishes, and types. No matter what look you want, you can most likely find it in laminate. And laminate is very durable and suitable for any room in your house, as well as being perfect for an active house, such as a rental property.

Laminate Flooring Advantages include:

  • Variety– As we said before, if you want it, you can most likely get it in laminate.
  • Durability– Laminate is more resistant to moisture and scratching than any other type of wood flooring. And if it does scratch, it can usually be repaired fairly easily. Laminate is also stain and fade resistant.
  • Installation Options– Laminate can be installed in a variety of different ways, and it can be installed over many previous flooring systems. As long as it’s flat and smooth, you can lay laminate down on it.
  • Health– One of the first suggestions made to someone who suffers from allergies is to remove the carpet from the living area. Laminate flooring is smooth and hard and won’t trap allergens.

With such a bewildering variety of choices, picking just the right laminate floor for your new construction or home renovation can be a difficult process to do on your own. Fill out the contact form on this page and a member of our trained, professional sales staff will be happy to set up an appointment for you to come in and learn about all the different options.

And as a bonus for our online customers, once you fill out the contact form, we’ll waive the $200 design fee. You’ll see a 3D mockup of your room with the flooring you pick, so you’ll know what it looks like before you buy!

CK Custom Kitchens, the professionals behind Outer Banks Custom Flooring, have been installing a variety of flooring options all over the Outer Banks. If you’d like to see all the options available to you, stop by our showroom in Southern Shores across from the Home Depot, and see what we have to offer you in the way of a brand new laminate floor!

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