Top 5 Most Popular Laminated Wood Flooring

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If you’re looking to redo your floors on the Outer Banks, CK Custom Kitchens can without a doubt help you out. Wood flooring is definitely a trend this year so looking at the most popular laminated wood flooring is a good idea to spark some imagination and make your home even better than it was before.

custom flooring Outer BanksQualities of the Most Popular Floors

  1. Whitened Pine Plank: This white pine floor is perfect for bedrooms, but has the quality for wear resistance in any major public area. It has a Perfectfold, TitanX Advanced, and Professional Soundbloc.
  2. Beech Plank: Another beautiful choice laminated flooring, the beech planks have similar qualities and technicalities to the pine plank. It has an orange tint to it and is good for domestic, living, or public environments.
  3. Chalked Oak Plank: This laminated floor has a great wooden pattern that is very visible and adds character to the room. A good place to use this flooring would be a child’s bedroom for its tough durability and Soundbloc protection.
  4. White Ash 3-strip: This laminated flooring is a Natural Touch Matt surface. The strips are very noticeable so it would add greatly to the details in a dining room
  5. Nordic Ash 3-strip: With a real wood surface, this pale white colored flooring looks great in any living room. The strokes in the wood is just as much as decoration as any of the artwork or furniture chosen for the room and the quality is perfect to keep sound from traveling far.

custom flooring Outer BanksPicking the Right Choice

These are just the top 5 choices for laminated flooring, but there are plenty of choices to make your home perfect for you. CK Custom Kitchens offers amazing custom flooring on the Outer Banks and can help you decide on which type of wood flooring would fit in any of your rooms.

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