Choosing a Tile Floor Pattern with Outer Banks Custom Flooring

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One of the best things about choosing tile flooring is designing the pattern for your floor.  Tiles come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, so the possibilities are endless.  Eye pleasing patterns, geometrical figures, words, names, and abstract pictures can all be made with tiles.

I will not be discussing names or abstract art because those choices are based purely on personal consideration, but I will be showing you some of the patterns you can choose for your new tile floor.

  • Checkerboard – A classic style, often done with black and white tiles for contrast.  This a simple but striking pattern.
  • Herringbone – Herringbone gives your floor a “deep” look.  It is usually done with a single color of tile, but can be created with alternating colors for special effect.
  • Basketweave – Creates the illusion of overlapping tiles, and gives a feeling of depth similar to herringbone.  Basketweave is generally thought of as an informal style, perfect for kitchens and outdoors.
  • Hexagon – The geometric shape of hexagon tiles can convey almost any feeling you wish, from relaxed to severe. The choice of color (or colors) will help create the feeling you desire.   If you like the geometrics style, ask your flooring installer about other geometric options.
  • Bordered – You can also choose multiple patterns for your tile floor.  Creating a border around one pattern sets that pattern off from the rest of the floor.  Borders can also be used to create room boundaries and areas with different roles (children’s area, prep area, snack area, etc.).  The extra work in creating bordered areas will likely increase the price of installation, but offers you extreme customization of your new flooring.

These are just some of the patterns available for your new tile floor.  Your flooring professionals can show you the full range of patterns available and help you decide what is best for your home.

A pattern in your tile flooring is also a great way to celebrate your new marriage.  Set your wedding date in tile to remember it forever (very handy for the husbands)!  For other ways to make your Williamsburg wedding extra special, take a look at the Williamsburg Wedding Guide!

Outer Banks Custom Flooring can help you choose the perfect tiles and pattern for your home.  We have many styles, colors, and shapes to choose from and can create whatever you desire for your Outer Banks home.

Outer Banks Custom Flooring has been serving OBX for decades and has the experience and skill to meet all of your flooring needs.

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