Maintaining the Tile Floor in Your Outer Banks Home

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We have discussed the advantages of tile floors in previous posts, but what about maintaining them?  In this article you will learn everything you need to keep your tile floor looking good and strong.

Tile flooring is very durable, lasts for years, and is easy to care for.  Just follow these simple steps to keep your tile floor in great shape:

  • Clean as You Go – This is something that you probably do anyway.  Clean up spills as they happen and don’t allow any obvious mess to stand on your floor for too long a time.
  • Sweep or Vacuum – Sweep your tile floor with a soft bristle broom, or use a vacuum cleaner.  You can do this daily, but certainly need to do it before moving on to the next step.
  • Choosing a Cleaning Product – Most, if not all, all purpose household cleaners are safe to use on your tile floor.  Soapless detergents are also safe to use.  Just to be sure they are safe, though, you should test the product on an inconspicuous part of your floor before using it on the entire floor.  Be sure to ask your flooring installer what cleaners he recommends.
  • Using a Cleaning Solution – After you have chosen a cleaning product, read the instructions carefully.  Many cleaners must be diluted with water to avoid harming your floor.  When your solution is ready, go ahead and apply it to the floor and leave it sit for a few minutes (unless the cleaner’s instructions say otherwise).
  • Mopping – After the cleaning solution has had a chance to sit, clean your floor with a nonabrasive mop or cloth.  Do not scrub.
  • Removing the Cleaner – Now you need to remove the cleaning solution and water from the floor.  You can do this with a mop, towel, or wet/dry vacuum.  All of the detergent must be removed from the floor to prevent a build up that can trap dirt and is quite difficult to remove.  Your best option is probably a wet/dry vacuum because you can easily rinse your tile floor and quickly vacuum away the water and detergent.

Outer Banks Custom Flooring can answer any questions you have about your tile floor, as well as install a tile floor or tile wall in your home.

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