Non-Slip Flooring in Your Outer Banks Home

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Anti-slip floors

Anti-slip Floors can be important

Flooring is one of the most important decisions for the homeowner when it comes to renovation in the home. This is because floors aren’t just about looks; they also serve a functional role. Floors are used by all household members, from toddlers to older members, including pets. Keeping this in mind, one of the most important characteristics of a floor should be its anti-slip qualities.

Protecting Your Home with Anti-Slip Treatments

  • Non-Slip Coatings. Polyurethane anti-slip coatings are durable and long lasting. Easily applied to floor surfaces of all kinds, they’re flexible and don’t crack. Used both indoors and outdoors, these coatings are even employed in the hospitality industry. Epoxy coatings that include non-slip additives provide safety and are stain resistant.
  • Treatments. There are special types of products that are put on porous floors to prevent slippage. These are particularly useful in wet areas. They alter the texture or tread of the floor without being visible. They can be applied in liquid form to ceramic tiles, pavers and shower floors.
  • Tiles. These are often notoriously slippery. As such, textured tiles provide the grip needed. They’re often great for external applications that are exposed to rain or water. Rubber tiles, in particular, can be tactile tiles. They include elevated components that provide the extra footing needed.
  • Tape. Anti-slip tape provides an easy and quick solution for those slippery areas. The anti-slip is textured and can be used on wood, metal or concrete.

Unlike many parts of the home, flooring is both a focal point and provides a vital function. It’s extremely important that floors are slip resistant. There are many ways the homeowner can achieve this.

If your Outer Banks home contractor understands your concerns, then your original floors can be installed with an eye to firm footing.  Otherwise, you can make your flooring slip free with some help from the flooring experts.

When considering anti-slip flooring in your Outer Banks home, let the team at Outer Banks Custom Flooring assist you.

With decades of flooring experience, Outer Banks Custom Flooring can provide all the advice and information you require when making that all-important flooring decision.

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