Shaw Floors Tiles: An Endless Selection

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outer banks custom flooringIf you’re looking at Shaw Floors products, you probably already figured out that there is a huge selection to choose from. Carpet, area rugs, tiles and stone flooring, hardwood, and laminate are just the main categories of their quality products.  It would take a whole novel to just get the basics of each one, so today, we would like to talk about Shaw’s tile and stone products.

Beautiful Tile Flooring

There are different aspects of tile flooring that should be looked at if you’re considering them for your Outer Banks home:

  • outer banks custom flooringApplication: Shaw Floors offers 96 types of frost resistant tiles, 110 products that can be used for either floors or walls, and 16 different slip resistant tiles.
  • Construction: you can choose between 16 ceramic tiles and 162 porcelain tiles.
  • Color: And what are tiles without colors? Shaw Floors offers 63 beige, 50 brown, 23 gold, 17 gray, 7 green, 9 terra cotta, and 4 white designs for your Outer Banks custom flooring.
  • Price range: There are different price ranges offered, as well, for those on a tight budget. Priced at sq. ft, there are 166 different options to choose from ranging from $2-$9 sq ft.

outer banks custom flooring Shaw productFind a Local Retailer

And these selections are only for floor tiling: Shaw products also offer decorative accent tiles, and wall tiles totally over 500 different types to choose. It may seem confusing to try and look at them all by yourself, but that’s why you have CK Custom Kitchen: to help you with your Outer Banks Custom flooring. If you stop by our store, we can gladly show you all of Shaw Floors tiles.

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