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Travertine Tile FloorTile Flooring for The Outer Banks

When deciding on a floor for your new home or existing home renovation, tile flooring is a classic choice for bathrooms and kitchens. However, with new manufacturing options, decorative tile floors are now being installed in every room of the house!

No matter what style home you have, tile has a design to fit anywhere. From the master bedroom to the basement, tile can get the job done effectively and affordably. Whether stone tile, ceramic tile, marble tile or any of the other dozens of options, tile will fit anywhere you need durable, beautiful flooring.

There are many benefits to picking tile flooring over other flooring systems.

  • Ease of Maintenance– No floor is care free, but tile comes the closest. Once every three to five years you may need to put down some sealant, but other than that, it just needs the same cleaning as any other floor. And with grout installation, it’s so waterproof, you can literally hose it off.
  • Versatility– Tile can be quite beautiful as a floor, but why stop there? You can run tile as a backsplash, a mural, anywhere you want it. It’s limited only by your own imagination. You can match your walls to your floor if you want. You can’t do that with carpet.
  • Durability– A tile floor is the perfect solution to high traffic areas, such as rental properties. It’s so durable, tile floors still exist that were laid down by the Romans. If it lasts that long, your rental home should be fine.
  • Easy to Repair– While tile flooring wears exceptionally well, it can be broken with a forceful impact. But with tile, it’s a simple matter to remove the broken tile, lay in a new one and re-apply grout to it. Done. You can’t replace any other type of flooring that efficiently.
  • Value– A well installed, decorative tile floor can drastically increase the resale price of your home. Beautiful style and gorgeous design can potentially mean thousands of dollars of extra value.

Tile flooring can be the perfect flooring system for any house, and comes in a bewildering variety of options. The professionals behind Outer Banks Custom Flooring, CK Custom Kitchens, carry a wide variety of tile floor samples in their showroom in Southern Shores. Their experienced professional staff will be happy to go through all of the different options available to you, and help you make an informed decision.

And if you fill out the contact form on this page, we will even waive the $200 design fee. Using state of the art design technology, we are able to show you a 3D computer generated model of your room with the flooring system you choose. You’ll know exactly what it will look like before you even buy it!

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the form, and find out why tile can be the best choice for you!

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