The Advantages of Vinyl Flooring in Your Outer Banks Home

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Today we will discuss the advantages of vinyl flooring in your OBX home.  We have previously discussed the benefits of other types of flooring, such as tile and hardwood, and vinyl flooring shares some of those advantages in addition to many of its own.

  • Designs – Vinyl flooring is available in both sheets and tiles.  Sheets come in long rolls that can be cut to perfectly fit the floors in your home.  Tiles offer the advantage of custom design.  Since vinyl can be made with any color or pattern, vinyl tiles can be used to create specific designs.  There is almost no limit to what is possible with vinyl tiles.
  • Aesthetics – The options available in vinyl make it a great choice for matching existing décor.  With other flooring types, limited options may force you to decorate to match your flooring choice.  Vinyl flooring can be adapted to any design scheme.
  • Durability – Vinyl flooring is one of the most durable options available.  It is moisture and stain resistant, and stands up to heavy traffic.  In addition, vinyl flooring is also damage resistant to a greater degree than other flooring, so it is a good choice for homes with children, pets, and frequent redecorating.
  • Resilience – Vinyl flooring is not as hard as hardwood and tile flooring.  It has “give” and makes your floors comfortable to walk on.
  • Safety – Vinyl flooring can be chosen for specific needs, such as slip resistance and static control.  Also, vinyl flooring is almost impervious to water and will protect the wood under your floors.  Vinyl sheets and sealed vinyl tiling provide a solid surface with no areas for bacteria to hide.  Since a variety of cleaning solution, including anti-bacterial, are safe for vinyl flooring it is the most sanitary choice you can make.

With all the advantages of tile flooring, it seems to be an easy choice.  If you would like to discuss the flooring options available for your home, call Outer Banks Custom Flooring.

Outer Banks Custom Flooring can help you find the perfect vinyl flooring for your home.  We have many designs and styles to choose from and can create whatever you desire for your Outer Banks home.

Outer Banks Custom Flooring has been serving OBX for decades and has the experience and skill to meet all of your flooring needs.

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