Vinyl Flooring on the Outer Banks

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Vinyl flooring can provide an economical and durable answer to your flooring problem. Manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl flooring comes in an endless array of colors and designs. The vinyl floor tile is also a popular choice for many homeowners. There are some basic considerations when laying vinyl flooring. Whether you’re doing it yourself or using a professional, getting installation right will result in a beautiful finish that will last for many years to come.

Vinyl Flooring Tips

  • Positioning. As with any flooring, vinyl needs to be fixed correctly to the sub floor underneath. This is especially true with vinyl flooring as it can easily move around. Depending upon the vinyl tile you choose, they can come with adhesive on the back and installation is a simple peel and stick. Other vinyl tiles and the vinyl roll require specially-purposed adhesive. An adhesive additive in the form of a sealant will also help to protect the floor throughout its life.
  • Underlay. The underlay on which you’re laying the vinyl is also very important. This is the layer between the actual floor of the home and the vinyl. Often plywood or hardwood material, it needs to be flat and clean, otherwise the vinyl will tear and crack when walked on. Make sure it’s cleaned thoroughly prior to laying it. It will also serve to prevent moisture damaging the actual floor and will help to provide insulation for summer and winter.
  • Baseboard Trim. We’ve all seen the baseboard trim that runs around the bottom of the room. Apart from appearance, one of the reasons it’s used is to keep flooring in position. It will prevent the vinyl from lifting and buckling. Baseboard trim can be very decorative in appearance, adding to the overall final look of the vinyl flooring.
Vinyl flooring can be an inexpensive solution. However, the finish can be both highly durable and provide a similar look to that of expensive flooring. If you’re considering a quality floor covering in your Outer Banks home and are on a tight budget, then vinyl flooring is a great option. The team at Outer Banks Custom Flooring offer great advice and tips. From vinyl flooring underlay to design, Custom Flooring has it all.
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