Choosing Ceramic Tile on the Outer Banks!

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When you’re thinking about new flooring for your Outer Banks home, you have multiple choices in material; tile, wood, carpet, etc. The most popular choice is tile flooring on the Outer Banks, because it holds up well in rental homes and can add a degree of luxury to your house. Tile flooring comes in a wide array of materials with their own pros and cons. However, the most typically used types of tile fall into two broad categories: ceramic and natural stone. Today, we’ll look at ceramic tile. 

Ceramic Tile

On the Outer Banks ceramic tile is use quite often. Ceramic tile is made from clay that has been formed in a mold. The three most common methods of making the tiles are dry press, extruded, and slush mold. As its name suggests, dry press involves the materials being pushed into a mold under high pressures while dry. Extruded means the tile materials are mixed while damp and then pushed through a mold in a long continuous ribbon. Tiles are then sliced off in varying thicknesses. A slush mold is a mix of wet materials that are fired in a kiln until they harden.

Porcelain vs. Non-Porcelain

Ceramic tile comes in two different varieties. Ceramic tiles are either porcelain or not. Classic non –porcelain tile is made from different colored clays and minerals. While porcelain tiles are also made from clay, up to half of its makeup is feldspar. Feldspar is a type of crystal that acts as a binding agent during the kiln drying. Ceramic tiles can be made with a wide range of ingredients and amounts of material used, and this flexibility allows an incredible range of choice for consumers.

Either type of ceramic tile, porcelain or non, can be glazed or unglazed. Glazing a tile gives it a matte, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish. Glazed tiles are more durable than their unglazed counterparts and resist stains, scratches and water absorption while increasing traction.

Visit Custom Kitchens

Come to our show room in Southern Shores, and a member of our friendly sales staff will be happy to show some of the different varieties of ceramic tile you can choose from. With a wide selection of materials and designs to choose from, you’ll see why Custom Kitchens is the home of Outer Banks flooring!

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